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Do you have art within the kitchen? A photograph? A print? A touch splash of colour? We expect that art belongs within the kitchen, but you don’t need to persist with traditional forms. Why not frame recipe cards, or hang kitchen hardware, or maybe find the sweetness in tomato can labels?

Here are six ways to enjoy art within the kitchen, including those, and more!

1. Hang kitchen hardware as art.

Art doesn’t need to be a print or painting; I love how old stove grates were repurposed into the geometric, modern genre.

2. Gallery wall

A gallery wall could be something you think that to feature to your front room, not your kitchen, but we love how Mary Lee’s Art-Filled Austin Kitchen fills an entire wall with art. Even a little or dull rental kitchen is often transformed into a gorgeous space with a set of prints, paintings, and pictures.

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3. Frame family recipe cards. 

Another sort of “found” art is family recipe cards. Frame them for a dose of not just beauty but nostalgia and case history.

4. Vintage wall chairs

These old fashioned chairs have seen a renaissance in popular home decor lately, and maps of fruit or vegetable biology are exceptionally compatible with the kitchen and dining room.

5. Create a backsplash with an image 

I hung a framed print above my stove in my rental kitchen. This might sound a nasty idea — won’t it get dirty? — but it protected the painted wall from the worst of my splatters, and therefore the glass-framed picture was more comfortable to wash. 

6. Find the art in food packaging

I was so struck by this contemporary, simple kitchen — adorned by gorgeous tomato cans beat a row. Buy vintage food packaging on eBay or Etsy, or search for it once you travel.

How else does one add art to the kitchen? Have an ingenious or unusual idea to add?

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